Volume 18, Article 2

Employee Relations Program (ERPS) and Integration: Impact of Intervening Variables on Non Managerial Employees of Pharmaceutical Sector in Bangladesh

Ireen Akhter*
Nurur Rahman**

Abstract: This research is an attempt to examine the impact of external/intervening variables on the four dimensions of integrations of nonmanagerial employees towards organization, management, work and fellow employees of pharmaceutical industry. Eight factors have been selected from literature review those may have influence on employee relations. A set of forty hypotheses has been tested to see the impact of external variables. Analysis suggested that integration towards organization is influenced by only trade union membership; management is influenced by age, marital status, and tenure; work is influenced by age, gender, marital status, education, tenure and trade union membership; and fellow employees are influenced by none of the variables. Thus, age, marital status, education, tenure and trade union have significant influence on total integration process of pharmaceutical industry.

Keywords: Employee relations, Employee relations program (ERPs), Integration, Non-managerial employees (NMEs), Intervening variables, Fellow employees.

* Professor, Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mob: +88-01711345773, E-mail: ireen_sm@yahoo.com
** Professor, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mob: +88-01819-245-835, E-mail: nr_ahman07@yahoo.com.