Volume 21: Article 7

Factors Affecting Consumers’ Purchase Decisions of Packaged Food: A Study on Consumers of Dhaka City

Palash Saha*
S. M. A. Moudud Ahmed**
Md. Alamgir Hossain***

Abstract: The major focus of the study is to understand the purchase decision of the consumers, which directly influence them to choose a specific packaged food item. Theoretical insights explain that consumers mainly put their emphasis on price, color, nutritional labeling, promotional attributes, brand, country of origin, taste and manufacturing and expire date while purchasing their packaged food product. Factor analysis has been used to have the rank order of the factors. Factors have been selected through in-depth discussion with five industry experts and focus group discussion (FGD) with ten consumers of packaged food products in Dhaka city. Then 300 consumers were surveyed through structured questionnaire using clustered convenience sampling technique. For checking the cross validation of the factors, Exploratory Factor Analysis has been used as analytical tool for the study. Results reveal that selected factors has been abridged to three main categories (Sales deriving factors, informational factors and taste related factors) which influence the consumption pattern of packaged food product in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Packaged food, Purchasing pattern, Bartlett’s test, Bangladesh

* Assistant Professor, IBA-JU, E-mail: pspalash@gmail.com
** Assistant Professor, IBA-JU, E-mail: moudud19391@gmail.com
*** Assistant Professor, IBA-JU, E-mail: alamju1212@yahoo.com