BBA Program

In 1991, IBA-JU introduced a four-year business administration degree, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) for the first time in Bangladesh. In so doing, it responded to the need of business graduates in the country. The program aims at preparing students for the career in the challenging business field. The program is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, verbal and written presentation, communications, group working, information technology and such other skills of the students. BBA Program of IBA-JU offers major and minor concentrations on the following areas:

• Finance

• Marketing

• Human Resource Management (HRM)

• Accounting

• Management Information System (MIS)


Program Duration

For a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, courses of study are extended over a period of four academic years and divided into eight semesters. Each semester has the duration of sixteen weeks. The BBA degree of the institute is a 123 credit program, which comprises 40 courses (for each course of 3 credit hours). It consists of 31 core, 6 major, and 3 minor courses. The last semester is for the internship program.


Internship Program

The objective of the internship project is to enlighten the student with the practical orientation and provides them an opportunity to make use of their learning in the real life situations. The internship covers a semester equivalent of 16 weeks involving 12 weeks working in the organization and 4 weeks for report writing. Internship program is equivalent to one course i.e. three credit hours.


Degree Requirements

The Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration will be awarded to a student if the student maintains the following conditions:

• Completion of total credit hours requirement as per the syllabus of the institute.

• Minimum CGPA of 2.50

• No “F” grade in any course.

• No “F” grade in any semester-end viva.

• No “F” grade in internship or research project.