MBA Program

IBA-JU offers a full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program for the fresh BBA graduates of this institute. The MBA program, offered by IBA-JU, combines the cutting-edge contents that are necessary for the success in today’s globalized competitive business environment. In so doing, the curriculum enables the students to gain highly valued abilities to incorporate social, ethical, environmental and economic considerations into all the decision-making. The MBA program has the following major and minor concentrations areas:

• Finance

• Marketing

• Human Resource Management (HRM)

• Accounting

• Management Information System (MIS)

Program Duration

For a regular (full-time) Master’s Degree in Business Administration, courses of study are extended over a period of one academic years and divided into three semesters whilst each semester has a duration of four months. The third semester is for the research project. The MBA Program includes courses with the weightage of 45 credit hours. Each of the courses will carry 3 credit hours. The course distribution is: 5 core courses, 5 major courses, 2 minor courses and 1 dissertation based on the major area. The courses will be distributed in the following trimesters:

• Trimester 1: 3 Core Courses, 2 Major Courses, 1 Minor Course

• Trimester 2: 2 Core Courses, 3 Major Courses, 1 Minor Course

• Trimester 3: Dissertation in Major Area

Dissertation in Major Area

The objective of the dissertation is to ensure the academic excellence of regular MBA Program of IBA-JU. During the last semester, the students are expected to deliver a high quality research work which will consists of 9 credit hours. Each student is expected to work under a faculty supervisor for the research. As far as the quality of the dissertation is concerned a study which is awarded “A” grades is supposed to convince everybody that it would be as good as a prospect for a good publication.


Degree Requirements

The Degree of Master of Business Administration will be awarded to a student if the student maintains the following conditions:

• Completion of total credit hours’ requirement as per the syllabus of the institute.
• Minimum CGPA of 2.50
• No “F” grade in any course.
• No “F” grade in any semester-end viva.
• No “F” grade in dissertation.