WMBA Admission

WMBA Spring 2024 Admission circular


WMBA Admission Test Related Information

To be enrolled on the Weekend MBA program, the admission seekers must appear in the competitive examination, consisting of two phases: written test and viva-voce. Only those candidates, who can qualify in the written test, are allowed to participate in the viva-voce.


Phase 1: Written Test

General Guidelines

  • The written test consists of two sections: Section contains a topic for thematic writing, while Section  comprises Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • The MCQ questions are generally designed to test candidates’ mathematical aptitude, English competence, and contemporary knowledge
  • Any type of calculator is not allowed during the test
  • The written test is usually scheduled on Friday at 3:00 pm
  • The duration of the examination is one hour
  • The result of the written test is generally published on the website within 3-4 days of the test


Marks Distribution



Question Type Number of questions  Marks of each question Marks
Section : Thematic Writing 20
Section :  MCQ 80
a)    Mathematical Aptitude 20×2 40
b)    English Competence 15×2 30
c)    Contemporary Issues 10×1 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                Total  100


Question Patterns

Section I: Thematic Writing

In the thematic writing section, test takers are required to write down 10 relevant and grammatically correct sentences on the given topic. For example, they may require to develop a descriptive or argumentative essay on a contemporary topic.

Section II: MCQ

  1. a) English Competence

In the English competence segment of the MCQ section, candidates’ verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, grammatical knowledge, and vocabulary level are assessed. For example, applicants are likely to get questions on sentence completion, analogy, synonyms and antonyms, error corrections, and so forth.

  1. b) Mathematical Aptitude

In the mathematical aptitude part, students’ ability to understand, analyze, and solve quantitative problems is assessed. The basic mathematical skills and elementary concepts of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are required to address the questions of this section. For instance, admission seekers may encounter quantitative problems on different topics including percentage, ratios, areas of different geometric shapes etc.

  1. c) Contemporary Issues

In the case of contemporary issues section, test takers knowledge regarding important recent topics is assessed. For example, they may get questions on the recent development on business, economics, sports, politics, and entertainment of Bangladesh and the rest of the world.


Phase 2: Viva-voce

  1. The short-listed candidates are called upon to appear in the viva-voce examination
  2. Generally, the viva-voce is held after 1-2 weeks of the written test
  3. Usually, viva-voce exams are held on Friday and Saturday
  4. Applicants are required to bring their previous academic credentials, namely certificates and transcripts for attending the viva
  5. The final result of the admission test is published within 2-3 days of completing the viva-voce session