Volume 21: Article 3

Meeting Global Challenges through Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach to Support the Revival and Sustainable Development

Dr. Suchismitaa Sengupta*
Kausik Bhattacharya**

Abstract: On entering the new decade, the global economy has started experiencing a multifaceted set of development challenges. The unprecedented pandemic crisis of COVID-19 and increasing poverty rates are unbounded in several economies. In this backdrop, our research is an endeavour to illustrate the potential of innovation to address the unprecedented economic, environmental, and social challenges through an innovative Design Thinking approach to Support the Revival and Sustainable Development. Some case studies and examples have been demonstrated to show how design thinking approach is used to unlock the power of innovation to support the creation of economic and social value that has some significant implications for Sustainable Development.

Key words: Design Thinking Approach, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, Global Challenges, Innovative Solution

* Chairperson, MD & CEO, Swapnasuryadip Edu Research Foundation (SERF), Email: sensmita123@gmail.com
** Researcher, Technology Leader & Advisor, Swapnasuryadip Edu Research Foundation