Volume 22: Article 5

Do Existing Motivations Adequate in Dark Tourism? Comparison Drawn from South-Asian and Non- South Asian Tourists

Nigar Sultana*

Abstract: This study endeavours focusing on tourists’ motivations to both south Asian and non-south Asian tourists visiting diverse dark tourism sites around the world. Qualitative research methodology was addressed with depth interviews through online platforms such as zoom, skype. Participants were collected through dissimilar social media pages or platforms based on dark tourism. Thematic template analysis was then used to analyse the data. The research outcomes showed that tourists visiting diverse dark tourism sites have different types of motivations and a few harmonies too. South Asian and non-Asian tourists’ travel motivations form a constructive assorted pattern including psychological, socio-cultural, and personal categories, worthwhile contributions to the accessible literature in this arena. As a consequence, this result is unique since the scope of dark tourism platforms might offer tourists memorable and meaningful tourism experiences to both south Asian and non-south Asian tourists.

Keywords: Dark Tourism, Motivation, South Asian tourists, Non-south Asian tourists

* Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka-1342
E-mail: nigarsultana26@juniv.edu