Volume 22: Article 7

Influential Factors of Visitors’ Satisfaction: Evidence from Kantanagar Temple, Dinajpur

Sheikh Majedul Huq*
Mst. Shuly Aktar**

Abstract: This research aims to identify influential factors in visitors’ satisfaction with the Kantanagar Temple as a tourist destination and explore the level of satisfaction. Using a survey questionnaire, data were collected from 350 visitors who have visited Kantanagar Temple since 2019. Respondents were selected based on convenience. For primary data collection, a thorough and well-structured Five Point Likert scale questionnaire has been developed based on previous studies. Descriptive statistics were used to express the demographic profile of the respondents. There are 35 factors that influence visitor satisfaction. Exploratory Factor Analysis has been used to determine
the influential factors of satisfaction. We performed an exhaustive review of the data to identify the top ten variables that affect visitors’ satisfaction with the destination. Destination Attraction, Environmental Favorability, Tourism Infrastructure and ICT, Service Provider Attitude, Safety and Security, Quality of Services, Transportation Facilities, Access to Local Lifestyle, Food Attraction, and Service Cost are the most significant factors. The outcomes would contribute to improving the performance of Bangladesh Parjoton corporation as well as tourist services, leading to increased satisfaction for both domestic and foreign visitors

Keywords: Visitors, Tourism, Satisfaction, Kantanagar Temple.

* Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur
E-mail: smh.mkt@brur.ac.bd

** Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur.
E-mail: msa.mkt@brur.ac.bd