Volume 23: Article 3

A Study on the Students’ Adoption Intention Behavior Towards Online Classes During COVID 19 Pandemic Applying UTAUT Model Extensions

Sabrin Sultana*
Mohammad Abdullah Mahfuz**

Abstract: The prime drive of this paper is to examine the factors to define students’ intention to the acceptance of online classes in Bangladesh throughout COVID19 pandemic. The paper follows qualitative research for identifying research problems and quantitative research for collecting primary data. Data have been collected through questionnaire survey and analyzed by Structure Equation Modeling by Partial Least Squared (PLS). This study is grounded on Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model invented by Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, and Davis (2003) along with six additional variables that extended the model for this study. The results revealed that Performance Expectancy (PE), Social Influence (SI), Self-Management of Learning (SML), Technology Anxiety (TA) and Complexity (COM) have a substantial impact on Students’ Behavioral Intention (BI) towards the adoption of online classes. Alternatively, Effort Expectancy (EE), Facilitating Condition (FC), Perceived Cost (PC), Relative Advantage (RA), and Resistance to Change (RTC) were found insignificant relationship. This study is conducted in a certain period. The different outcomes could be found in another time frame. The result of this study will provide the idea about factors influencing adoption of online classes which may be referred for choosing future teaching-learning techniques in compare with face-to-face learning. Taking online classes may save time, energy, money of both students and teachers along with institutions which become important concern in near future.

Keywords: Online Class, UTAUT, COVID 19, Behavioral Intention (BI).

* Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100
E-mail: sabrindu8@gmail.com

** Associate Professor, Department of Marketing Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100
E-mail: mahfuz2020.jnu@gmail.com