Volume 23: Article 4

Perceived Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: An Empirical Study in the Telecommunication Sector of Bangladesh

Mahamudul Hasan*
Sakil Mahmud**

Abstract: The study aims to investigate the influence of several quality dimensions on user satisfaction in telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Moreover, the study investigates the influence of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in telecommunication sector. A structured questionnaire has been formed and distributed among 329 respondents in Dhaka, Barisal, and Patuakhali district. Data has been collected and analyzed through frequency distribution, factor analysis and regression analysis. The study shows that perceived quality dimensions have significant influence on user satisfaction in telecommunication sector. Moreover, customer service and network coverage are the most leading predictors of mobile phone user satisfaction which leads to customer loyalty.

Keywords: Perceived Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Bangladesh, Mobile phone operator.

* Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Dumki, Patuakhali 8602, Bangladesh.
E-mail: tuhinjobs46@gmail.com

** Independent Researcher, E-mail: sksakilmahmud@gmail.com, Patuakhali 8602, Bangladesh