Volume 23: Article 5

Impact of Online Channel on Branding for Organizational Success: A Study on an E-commerce site Priyoshop

Md. Mynuddin*

Abstract: The development of the economy in Bangladesh is significantly contributed by E-Commerce. There are many e-commerce service providers in the country who are doing well in providing their services to the customer. But it has got some problems like lack of transparency in e-commerce business, absence of regulatory bodies to regulate e-commerce business, different technological issues leading to customer unawareness of various offers and products. By taking these things into consideration there is an emergence of branding the e-commerce business. To assess how to make an e-commerce site a brand or what concern impacts on branding for organizational success, a set of questionnaire is developed. The survey conducted among sixty employees and sixty existing customers of Priyoshop to find out the desired result. The research method of this study is purposive sampling which is known as non-probability sampling method. The purpose of the study is to find out various facilities, technological applications & organizational brand values of the e-commerce site Priyoshop. Findings of this research have confirmed that facilities of e-commerce business of Priyoshop, technological application and brand value of this organization have strong correlation that results .782 & great impact on the branding process of this firm which indicate for 1% change in e-commerce factors 35.5% change in branding process, Recommendations have been provided in order to help this firm to attract maximum customers towards their brand. Finally the limitation of the study includes limited sample size & only one e-commerce i.e Priyoshop .

Keywords: E-commerce, Branding, Brand value, Brand loyalty, Brand Image

* Assistant Professor (Management), Open School, Bangladesh Open University.
E-mail: mynu.du@gmail.co