Volume 23: Article 7

Entrepreneurship as a Career: A Solution to Unemployment in Bangladesh

Habibur Rahaman*
Proshanta Kumar Podder**

Abstract: This paper deals with the entrepreneurship that is associated with the method of creating and developing new ventures. Entrepreneurship is significantly relevant to any society for having positive effects on economic and technological development, as well as in creation of new jobs. Therefore, entrepreneurship is considered as part of the alternatives for guiding one’s career. This article aimed at evaluating entrepreneurship as a career option for unemployment among the youth in Bangladesh and assessing the entrepreneurial mind set in reducing the problems in the country. It has explored the facts seeking information from a randomly selected undergraduates from reputed universities who wish to undertake their career as an entrepreneur, rather than depending on jobs to get rid of unemployment. Based on the statistical analysis of the collected data, the study approves a few findings as like- it encourages students to choose a career path after graduation, has impact on choosing career, responding role to the challenges of unemployment, contribute in improving socio-economic development of the country as well as make them as an “entrepreneur” instead of being an “employee”. Finally, conclusions are drawn proposing with a few recommendations through outlining future research directions.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Unemployment, Career, Entrepreneurial intention, Self-employment

* Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, Rabindra University, Bangladesh.
E-mail: habib_1993@live.com

** Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, Rabindra University, Bangladesh