Message from Director

I welcome everyone to the Institute of Business Administration (IBA-JU), Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh. We have always strived to develop our business-minded youth and help them reach their full potential in the world. Our youth is the future of our world; and how we treat them is the reflection of our character. We have been given the responsibility to nourish young minds as an educator of this fine institution. As the director of IBA-JU, I am always here to help them beyond purely academic measures and lead them to become effective business persons.

IBA-JU’s effort to ensure academic fervor has led to the selection of the most passionate and interested individuals for our academic programs. Our BBA and MBA programs develop individuals who withhold the honor of the Institute by performing in and outside of their curriculum. Their passion makes me believe that we will reach greater heights on the wings of our youth.

IBA-JU is not limited to developing the fresh minds of the youth. In addition to being the pioneering Institute of the BBA program in Bangladesh, we have also launched the Weekend MBA program for our professionals. The fluidity of the program has been enforced to meet the demands of the contemporary professionals and to help them perform at the peak level by strengthening their desired abilities. Moreover, we have dedicated platforms for higher studies for the students aspiring to achieve MPhil & PhD degrees.

Life at IBA-JU does not end with graduation. We welcome all our alumni to continue to be a part of us. The history and achievements of our alumni should serve as a reminder to our students of their latent capabilities and motivate them to believe in themselves. The help that our alumni extend to our graduates comes from the bond they share with the campus. Our alumni network has supported us and we hope to support our graduates beyond their academic years.

As the director of IBA-JU, I look forward to the new challenges, successes, and also to the advent of our new era. Our efforts will not be futile, because we accept challenges in a befitting manner. With our discipline, ingenuity, diligence and creativity, I believe we will reach new heights of success and make everyone with IBA-JU proud.


Dr. K. M. Zahidul Islam

Professor & Director,
Institute of Business Administration,
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342